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Dan Pass, CTO - Relationships, Resilience and Optimisation


Article posted by Lisa Holmes

Continuing the series, Dan Pass shares his priorities for 2024:

Dan Pass, CTO

1) Relationship Optimisation

Maximizing value through both your internal team and external partners. Whilst you are being driven to innovate ensure you get your value from your people. Ensure that relationships are strong so you all work together to extract value and deliver – ensuring benefits realisation rather than building for a badge of honor.

2) Relationship Management

Look at your peers, the rest of the C-suite, they will be reading/speaking to other parties that are telling them they need to look at AI, business process automation, cloud. Be there to ensure you not only dispel any myth but ensure their opinion is taken on board and validated. Don’t build on a promise.

3) Operational Resilience

Mitigating risk is clearly key but know your risks. Don’t forget AI can help to speed up process and act as an Assistant but we still need to ensure we make decisions based on business needs.

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