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Market Insights for the Cloud industry

Market Insights

Make better informed business decisions

We believe accurate data needs to be at the centre of every key business decision. Uniting Cloud's Market Insights are able to provide key data around people, competitors and diversity within Cloud Technology markets.

Uniting Cloud Market Insights

An overview of our products

People Intelligence

A blend of traditional market insight, digital data gathering and people intelligence, provides us with a clear overview of your market challenges, opportunities, trends and benchmarks.  We evaluate information gathered from the public domain, market expert insights and our own bespoke technology, before providing you with a tailored, in-depth report and recommendations for your business. 

Competitor Analysis

Be agile. Be innovative. Our competitor analysis reports will give you the insight you need to spot future opportunities and discover problems before they impact your brand. Perfectly complementing our talent partnership, we’ll work with you to compare and interpret report findings before sharing our recommendations for your people and employer brand strategy.

Diversity Insights

We strive to advance and promote diversity in our own business and in our clients’ fostering an inclusive culture, where every colleague — regardless of background — feels a deep sense of respect and belonging. 
Our Diversity Insights report gives you a breakdown of the diversity of your organisation, helping you to customise your approach to creating value through improving diversity and creating an inclusive environment.

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Get instant access to market intelligence covering:

  • Average salaries for Cloud professionals at differing experience levels, including gender pay gap differences still in existence;

  • What benefits other Cloud employers are offering to their Cloud specialists

  • What benefits Cloud professionals most commonly seek

  • And how to become an employer of choice for those who work in Cloud.

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Market Insights for the Cloud industry

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With the Software & DevOps industry evolving after a challenging year, we thought it was important to reach out to our community to build the 2024 Software Engineering & DevOps Industry Report specifically designed for professionals working in the UK.

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