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2024 Software Engineering and DevOps Salary Guide

Benchmark Your Salary

Each year Uniting Cloud release a salary guide with the aim of bringing transparency to the Software and DevOps community.


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What's Inside?

  • Salary data provided by over 300 professionals working in the UK Software and DevOps market, analysed against language experience, cloud types used, and year's of experience.

  • Remote working, Hybrid and In the Office analysis uncovering which working pattern is most attractive to professionals

  • Career Progression and Learning and Development insights.

  • Benefits data, including equity, time off, health insurance, maternity/paternity leave and more.

2024's Hiring Market

A shallow talent pool and a competitive hiring market makes attracting Software Engineers and DevOps Professionals to your team quite the challenge.

Yet as businesses across all sectors increasingly rely on digital solutions, these professionals play an increasingly vital role.

The knock-on effect? There’s a boosted demand for professionals with specialist DevOps and Software expertise; people with a niche set of skills - and who are at the centre of our research.

We asked 300 DevOps and Software Engineering specialists to complete our survey. We then added data from our proprietary research tools and our data base and are pleased to have created a detailed overview revealing the inside info.

Our Salary Guide aims to share the insights behind what makes professionals in our industry tick, the salary benchmarks that make for an attractive role and the value propositions that specialists look for in their next role. Utilising this data should steer your hiring initiatives in the right direction, giving you the edge in the competitive battle for talent.

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With the Software & DevOps industry evolving after a challenging year, we thought it was important to reach out to our community to build the 2024 Software Engineering & DevOps Industry Report specifically designed for professionals working in the UK.

Find out what you're worth with Uniting Clouds Industry Report

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