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Software and DevOps Hiring Trends

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Article posted by Mandy Kettle

Specialists with Software Engineering and DevOps experience can expect plenty of opportunities to present themselves over the next six months. Key trends revolving around the advancement in automation technologies, a new focus on training to retain staff and the rise of DevSecOps are certainly impacting the job market.


We expect to see continued investment in AI and similar automation over the course of the year. Traditionally automation has been managed by scripts and macros that were extremely dependent on skilled individuals to set up and run. Hiring managers are shifting to built-in automation functionality and substituting the more complex repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation technology. Reducing time spent on low-value manual tasks such as data checking, data manipulation, and report writing are areas executives are keen to automate, saving time while also improving the quality of the process and the insights they deliver.


A large part the hiring process now needs to consider upskilling and training current staff. Across the space, a big driver for leaders is ensuring staff development within their role. The opportunity to hire contracted consultants to support ongoing projects has been coupled with educating staff on overcoming issues within day to day work as well as improving the processes they currently conduct.


DevSecOps is a set of practices that integrates security into the software development process. Traditionally, security has been an afterthought, with security teams only getting involved in the later stages of software development. DevSecOps aims to shift security left, making it a fundamental part of the software development process. This includes implementing security testing and analysis tools early in the development process and involving security teams throughout the software development lifecycle. The space is now seeing a large number of roles as demand grows.

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