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Finding diverse talent in a shallow candidate pool


Article posted by Mandy Kettle

​Finding diverse talent in a shallow candidate pool can be a challenging task for many companies. A shallow candidate pool refers to a situation where there are not many qualified candidates available for a particular job or industry of which the DevOps and Software Engineering industry falls in to. This can make it difficult to find candidates from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of colour, and individuals with disabilities. However, with a little creativity and effort, companies can increase the diversity of their candidate pool and ultimately, their workforce.

Broaden Your Efforts

​One effective strategy is to broaden your recruiting efforts. This means reaching out to candidates from a variety of sources, such as professional associations, community organizations, and universities. Companies can partner with organizations that focus on diversity and inclusion, or attend events, such as STEM at the source – Modernising Recruitment for the Digital Age. These events are great way to meet like minded people who are trying to achieve similar goals. By expanding your recruiting efforts, you can connect with candidates who may not have considered your company otherwise.

Consider Transferable Skills

​Another strategy is to focus on transferable skills rather than specific qualifications. Many underrepresented groups may not have the same educational or job experience as the majority of candidates, but they may have skills that are just as valuable. For example, a candidate with a background in customer service may not have the same technical skills as a software engineer, but they may have excellent problem-solving and communication skills that can be applied to the role. By considering transferable skills, companies can open up the candidate pool to a wider range of individuals.

Be Flexible

​Ask the candidates what they want and be flexible. If you have come across an amazing candidate who only wants to work 4 days, can you bring this change to your company? It may be difficult in larger companies to do this but if you’re actively trying to recruit in an already shallow pool of qualified candidates, flexibility is key.

Diversify Your Recruitment Team

​Additionally, companies can also consider diversifying the recruiting team. A team that is diverse in terms of gender, race, and background will likely have a wider perspective and can potentially attract a more diverse group of candidates. By actively seeking out and promoting diversity within the recruiting team, companies can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for candidates from underrepresented groups.

In summary, finding diverse talent in a shallow candidate pool requires a bit more effort and creativity than traditional recruiting methods. However, by broadening recruiting efforts, focusing on transferable skills, remaining flexible to candidate demands and diversifying the recruiting team, companies can increase the diversity of their candidate pool and ultimately, their workforce.

It's important to note that diversity and inclusivity is an ongoing journey, and companies must continue to make changes in order to truly make the workplace diverse and inclusive. If you would like consultation on hiring diverse candidates please contact us and we’d be happy to help.