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Mix of Software and DevOps experience is key to increased pay

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Article posted by Tom Sillitto

Our latest Industry Report revealed that experienced professionals with both Software Engineering and DevOps experience can earn up to 10% more than if they specialised in one area.

The data presents a level playing field between Software Engineering and DevOps for juniors with 0-2 years of experience who can expect similar compensation levels at the start of their career. Having experience in both Software Engineering and DevOps starts to become more fruitful for specialists with 3-5 years of experience, as earnings rise to up to 32% higher compared to specialists with just Software Engineering experience.

For professionals with 6-10 years of experience, Software Engineering specialists can expect a salary averaging up to £82,000 and DevOps a salary of £88,000. Interestingly, experience in both can land a salary up to £97,000.

2022 has seen infrastructure automation being used across DevOps. Tooling for automatic provisioning, deployment and testing have all seen a large uptake in automation. This has resulted in traditional infrastructure expertise undergoing a slow down in hiring. Requirements have shifted towards finding development experience and experience across the likes of performance tuning and tooling. The likes of this experience will now come at a premium.

A competitive hiring market is still expected throughout the remainder of the year: Not only is demand increasing for professionals with skills across development and DevOps, the number of roles available vastly outweighs the number of professionals in the field, and competition is at its peak. To land premium experience won’t just be a case of paying higher salary but considering a whole package where career aspirations can be met alongside a rewarding benefits package.

The Software and DevOps Industry Report by Uniting Cloud Uniting Cloud shares insights into gender pay gaps, average salary by experience, and salary by technology and market saturation. The report also brings transparency to job seekers who can understand differing levels of pay and benefits received.

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