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January: The best time or the worst time to apply for a new job?

Article posted by Charlotte Proudmore

We all know the story – The festive holiday's end, and like many specialists in different industries, Software Engineering and DevOps professionals feel it's time for a job change. We like the ambition. However, with the surge in demand for switching up job roles, several issues start to stack up, working against job seekers in their hunt for a new position.

So, what's the secret to successfully landing your new job in January?

Get the ball rolling before Christmas!

The time to interview is pre-Christmas. You may be busy with work now, but you will be even busier come January! Interviewing in December allows time to breathe, explore your options and make reasoned decisions.

Level up in competition

With a vast array of talented specialists looking for a new job in January, it's no doubt that there is a significant uptick in competition between applicants. Glassdoor reported that 17% more job applications are made in Jan, compared to a typical month and that there's a 34% reduction in job applications during December. December is, without doubt, the time to be getting your CV in front of a hiring manager!

Who's picking up the phone?

A big reason for a slow down in January is that hiring managers are playing catch up after the holidays and are not ready to pick up the hiring process until the middle of January, which leaves you waiting in the wings for the first few weeks of the year. Combined with the sheer number of applications to filter through when they get back to their desks, it's no surprise that the hiring process isn't as fast as someone learning Golang.

Sit back whilst in your notice period

Whilst businesses slow down over Christmas, it’s a good time to have as little cross over between your current job and your next role. You may even get lucky and be allowed to leave early, or even take garden leave!

Projects often kick-off at the beginning of the year

Starting in January means you’re ready to take on new challenges just as new projects will start. Be in your new job to kick start the new year and new projects with your new colleagues.

How well do you interview?

It may sound simple, but after a long break, it can take some sharpening up to get back into the swing of interviewing and getting your cogs turning. The latest projects you have been working on are fresh in your mind, and you're still in the mode to talk about work, rather than the Christmas pudding Aunt Marie served on Xmas day.

No need to book extra holiday days

Over the last few years, it could have been challenging to organise an interview around working hours. Fortunately, times have changed, and our clients completely understand the need to be flexible if they want to interview an applicant. That's why 80% of our roles are now conducting the interview process remotely. From the comfort of your own home, you could have landed your job this December and be ready to start afresh in early January.

See our roles and bag yourself a new job in the new year, or drop us a message- We'd love to see how we could help you in your next step.