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Cloud Technology Insights For Managers

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Article posted by Kyle Probert

Download the Cloud Tech Salary Guide

We recently carried out a salary survey and were so pleased with the results, we’re keen to share them with you. That’s not to say that all our findings were positive, but rather, we were able to gain accurate, valuable and meaningful insight into the current Cloud market from those with first-hand information; the Cloud professionals who are actively working in this competitive space.

We learned about not only average Cloud salaries, but also the benefits offered by Cloud employers. We further asked participants of our survey to share information on their key motivators for joining, and then staying, with an organisation.

We’ve compiled our findings into one comprehensive Salary Guide which is now available to employers. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

What do candidates get?

We were keen to understand what Cloud candidates are offered by their employers. Our download contains not only a breakdown of average salaries, but evidence of the benefits most commonly on offer too.

It was clear that flexible and remote working options are becoming standard across the sector with the majority of respondents to our survey citing working from home options or flexi-time as a benefit they receive.

What do candidates not get?

Unfortunately, we noted that some differences in gender were still apparent in today’s Cloud market. This included the fact that women who responded to our survey were less likely to have received a bonus in the last 24 months.

However, we found that both men and women in Cloud technology were rarely offered equity as a benefit. This was apparent across all technologies and experience levels.

What do candidates want?

So, what do candidates expect from employers in 2020? And are some employers out of touch with what today’s Cloud specialists want?

Often, it’s thought that technology professionals are motivated by the prospect of working with the latest tech, yet our results showed that other benefits feature more highly on most peoples’ ‘must-have’ lists.

Flexible working is the most commonly sought-after benefit nowadays. And if you’re an employer who feels that bonuses are still high on the agenda for your staff, it’s worth considering our findings, as when it came to bonuses, opinions were mixed…

The most experienced group of Cloud professionals – those with more than eight years’ experience – stated that a bonus wasn’t their biggest motivator. Just 38% said it was important.

Those that had worked in Cloud for between two and four years were the group most motivated by a bonus, yet according to our survey, only 35% of them received one.

There were differences between male and females’ attitudes to bonuses too, with 59% of male respondents stating they were motivated by bonus in comparison to just 38% of women.

What can employers do?

Want to attract the best Cloud talent to your organisation? There are some key take-aways from our survey for hirers.

Top of the list has to be flexible working options. Although most companies seem to offer this, there’s still evidence of some businesses who don’t. Ensure you’re incorporating flexible working options into your packages to attract and retain strong candidates.

Consider offering equity to your Cloud employees. It’s rare in the sector but could be an opportunity for small companies and start-ups to attract and retain high-quality talent and be a strong competitor in the Cloud market.

Consider different benefits packages for different staff. Being careful not to appear discriminatory, offering blanket benefits isn’t always the best option. Nowadays, different experience levels, ages and genders have differing priorities and the most attractive employers will be those who understand that.

Download the full Salary Guide to learn:

  • What we predict for Cloud technology salaries in the midst of IR35;

  • The current average salaries for Cloud professionals at differing experience levels, including gender pay gap differences still in existence;

  • What benefits other Cloud employers are offering to their Cloud specialists;

  • What benefits Cloud professionals most commonly seek;

  • How to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market;

  • And how to become an employer of choice for those who work in Cloud.