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Article posted by Kyle Probert

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​Some of you may recall we recently asked our community of Cloud professionals to take part in a salary survey. The questions concerned not just salaries, but also key workplace motivators and benefits packages offered by your current employers.

We got a fantastic responses meaning we were able to gather a meaningful and accurate insight into satisfaction levels and your current working situations – straight from the horse’s mouth!

In our most recent download, we share the results of our survey and use our findings to provide you, Cloud professionals, with information on what employers are actually looking for when on the hunt for technology specialists to join their organisations.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

What do Cloud Engineers get?

Check out our salary survey to understand what Cloud Engineers are most commonly offered by their employers. We provide not only a breakdown of average salaries, but evidence of the benefits on offer too. How do you compare?

We found that in terms of benefits, flexible and remote working options are now pretty standard across the Cloud sector, with most of our respondents claiming they’re able to work flexibly.

What do Cloud Engineers not get?

Is flexible working always a good thing? We discovered that average salaries were sometimes lower for Cloud engineers who were able to work from home, as opposed to those who were permanently site-based and earned more.

We were disappointed to note that gender pay differences were still apparent in today’s Cloud market. This wasn’t only true in terms of salary, and we learned that female respondents were less likely than their male counterparts to have received bonus.

Another area where tech specialists seem to miss out is equity. Cloud specialists, despite their important role in many organisations, are rarely offered equity as a benefit. We think this is an area in which some employers could improve, making themselves a lot more appealing to Cloud talent looking for a move.

What do Cloud Engineers want?

Are you no longer motivated by the thought of working with the latest technology? You’re not alone. Our survey showed that whilst cutting-edge tech is a ‘nice-to-have’, the majority of our respondents cited lifestyle benefits such as work/life balance, health insurance and gym memberships as more important.

There are also clear differences between different demographics of Cloud engineers. For instance, whilst just 38% of those with more than eight years’ experience stated that a bonus was their biggest motivator, a much larger percentage of specialists with between two and four years’ experience were driven by the prospect of bonuses.

We found a difference of opinions on bonuses between male and female respondents too.

Our top tips for Engineers

Want to make sure you’re getting the best package available when looking for your next Cloud role? We do too – it’s what we help our Engineers with every day.

Here’s what we advise:

GCP is the area of tech currently offering the highest salaries. Not GCP qualified? It’s definitely worth considering up-skilling yourself to benefit from the best available packages.

Our survey proved what we already thought – that remote and flexible working options are as important to Cloud professionals as they are to the rest of 2020’s working population. Work/life balance tops the list of most peoples’ must-haves. If the ability to work flexibly and/or from home is important to you, then it’s definitely worth asking your employer for. In today’s competitive market, it’s likely that employers will provide it. And if they don’t there are plenty of other Cloud hirers that will, according to our survey respondents.

If flexible working isn’t a priority for you, do be careful that it’s not used to supplement a lower salary. Our results showed that, sometimes, those offered flexible working options took home much less pay. Whilst workers based full-time in an office or onsite, tended to earn slightly more.

Our overall advice is to make sure you negotiate the best package for you. Our survey shows that a Engineers experience, gender and age, may mean that they have differing needs and priorities to another Cloud professional. Don’t be afraid to tell your hirer what’s important to you. Cloud professionals are generally highly sought-after, so you’re in a great position to discuss your needs, as well as those of your employer.

Download the full Salary Guide for more information, and to learn:

  • What we predict for Cloud technology salaries in the midst of IR35;

  • The current average salaries for Cloud professionals, including gender pay gap differences;

  • What benefits are most commonly available to Cloud specialists;

  • What benefits other Cloud professionals, like you, most commonly seek;

  • And what employers are looking for when on the look-out for Cloud professionals to join their organisation.