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Article posted by Kyle Probert

​Back on the Meetup scene...

It has felt like an eternity since I was last in a room of a 100 or so tech-heads all giving up their time to learn from peers and of all the events I could choose to jump back in I'm glad this was it!

​The fantastic team at Vodafone (Yvonne, Chia and Yolaine 👋🏼) invited us to partner and provide some speaking options with Tony HollyHurst from Amex happily joining us to share some great insights alongside a dose of Monty Python meme's to keep the energy high.

This event was a great chance to hear how Vodafone and American Express approach the almost unfathomable challenges of huge monolithic technology estates in different but equally successful ways!

An added bonus was getting to experience the fantastic space at Vodafone HQ, a little reminder that great spaces for tech teams aren't only possible in the City and Shoreditch 🤷🏼‍♂️

Overall, a superb event and of course a great excuse to eat some pizza... 🍕🍕