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The Client

Our client was a start-up with a clear mission, to be the world’s number one in their field. Backed and supported by an established software business, the CTO was hired to bring the vision to life.

This is the point at which Uniting Cloud was engaged by the CTO, to hire a world class software engineering team, to take them from business case, right through to delivering a stunning market-ready product suite.

This was to be the heart of a new business and we required the very ‘best of the best’ in Software Engineering.

The Brief

Hire a team of 4 engineers, with complementary skill sets to create a team that can design and build a complex new technology platform. Uniting Cloud had to get the team recruited and started within an 8 week window.

Uniting Cloud began by conducting a rigorous interview process, designed to engage and challenge candidates in order to understand how they think, how they solve problems and how they like to work. 

Alongside this purposefully rigorous process Uniting Cloud had to balance the clients request to hire quickly. We also had to consider the blend of technical skills across the team members to ensure a broadly skilled engineering team but with complementary specialisms.

The Solution

Uniting Cloud assembled at team with an Account Manager and 3 specialist Recruiters.

We worked closely with the client to develop and agree on the marketing strategy and candidate information packs. This included defining diverse candidate personas, the tone of voice, the client's employer brand and the key employer value propositions to ensure that all communications with the candidates were consistent throughout the process.

With the clear aim to hire the best, the process had to be first-class, to take a headhunted engineer from first communication to successful placement.

Coordinating the hiring of complementary skills and a team of people who would work well together, required some careful management and also involved having to say no to some amazingly talented Engineers.

The Outcome

An outstanding team was hired, with the required breadth, strengths and capability to meet the high demands and expectations of the business founders. We achieved a great blend of personalities too.

All new hires started within the initial deadline, all within budget and all eager to make the project a huge success.

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