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FinOps Manager to drive ROI

The Client

A solutions provider to Software Management.

The Brief

After implementing their cloud platform and operating the system for over a year, our client understood they were not receiving the return on investment that they had expected from their project. They knew certain areas of their AWS platform were not operating efficiently but did not not possess the skills or knowledge internally to identify and diagnose issues.

They turned to Uniting Cloud for knowledge on who may be able to help them and also to find resources that could help optimise their system to increase ROI though reliability, scalability and licencing, ultimately to have the platform running efficiently.

The Solution

Uniting Cloud provided a bespoke insights report to our client. Mapping the market for available talent, sharing compensation benchmarks, and building a profile for a FinOps Manager that would solve their challenges.

Upon defining the scope for the role with the client, Uniting Cloud turned to their immediate network of FinOps professionals who had been screened in the last three months. This provided a relevant shortlist of talent quickly and gave the client an understanding of immediately available talent.

Headhunting passive candidates who were not on the market was also conducted to ensure available candidates could be qualified and sent to the client.

The Outcome

The search ultimately ended in success seeing our client hire a FinOps Manager. Whilst their expertise in technical configuration and architecture were welcome, their knowledge of accounting and finance stood the FinOps Manager in good stead having experience across licencing, billing, forecasting usage, and cost optimisation.

  • 4 profiles sent

  • 2 interviewed

  • 1 placement

This search was conducted by Tom Sillitto.
Contact Tom and understand how he can help you find the best FinOps/SRE talent.